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Get The People & Resources You Need To Succeed 

Most people run out of money LONG before getting the chance to figure out how to build a successful entrepreneurial career. 

Constant trial and error drains BOTH your bank account AND self-belief.

I don’t want that for you. 

Instead, I want you to have someone by your side every step of the way telling you what pitfalls to avoid, where to find profitable opportunities, and how to scale your business. 

That’s why I am EXCLUSIVELY inviting you to join…

My Wealth Connect Inner Circle and have me mentor you! 

The Inner Circle is just as much about building a successful business as it is about building a successful YOU! 

I want to help you create long-term, sustainable success and a LEGACY. 

Think of it like an entrepreneurial incubator and safe haven for self-development. 

You can count on learning a new skill every month that will increase your income, self-worth, and impact. 

Every Single Month You Will Get: 

Hands-On Coaching from Annetta Powell and Guidance To Overcome Roadblocks
Take part in 2x Zoom group coaching calls per month and ask me any questions you might have. I will help you overcome any roadblocks and discuss the month’s training in much more detail to help you implement it effectively in your life. 

Plus, it’s also a chance to network with like-minded entrepreneurs and build profit-generating partnerships. These calls give you the dose of inspiration and encouragement you need to stay accountable and achieve your goals. 

New Training Released Every Month 

Every month, you will get access to a brand new video course to help you master all areas of entrepreneurship. 

🚀 Marketing tips and strategies that are like pouring gasoline on a fire when it comes to increasing profits
🚀 How to make money through social media
🚀 Unique insights into today’s hottest markets for entrepreneurs
🚀 Mastermind business-building tips to start earning profits fast

24/7 Access To The Training Library

ALL past training and resources, including manuals, audios, and more, are accessible at any time for you within the Inner Circle. 

You can work through the content at your own pace and prioritize what’s important to you. Plus, you go back and refresh your memory at any time you choose! 
Join TODAY & You’ll Get 5 Amazing Bonuses To Cement Your Success Within The Inner Circle 

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Receive 2 FREE Ebooks

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Access To The Wealth Connect Online Training

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One Training Lesson Per Month

🎁 bonus 4: 
2 Coaching Calls On Zoom Per Month With Annetta Powell Personally

🎁 bonus 5: 
Join Our Private Facebook Group Community

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Who Is Annetta Powell?
If you think you have obstacles too tough to overcome: I want you to know my story. 

After finishing my term at Alderson Federal Prison, I came out the other side with absolutely nothing. But I was DETERMINED that my past didn’t have to be my future.

The rest of my life was still unwritten and I could do ANYTHING I put my mind to. 

Fast forward to today, I own over 30 rental properties, ​I’ve flipped 600 properties totalling $50,000,000.00 in sales. I am a serial entrepreneur and have built a 7-figure income through multiple streams of income, including real estate where I can show you how to build generational wealth.

Now, I’m in a position where I can concentrate on helping other people realize their dreams.

I went through the steep learning curve of entrepreneurship and Real Estate - So YOU don’t have to!

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